Conquer the Desert: A Guide to Dune Buggy Dubai Tours

Get yourself strapped and get ready to cruise on the desert roads with a bang as we upgrade your desert safari with latest Dune buggy dubai tours! For experiences ranging from the adrenaline filled life surpassing sand dunes drives to the awe world of the scenic views of the Arabian landscape, without a doubt you should stay tuned as our guide spills all details and tips you need to know to make the most out of your off-road experience. Thus fasten the seat-belts, open the sun-roofs and get into your time-machine to take a short-cut to one of the most interesting and enchanting deserts across the globe. alrighty, guys, let’s hit the desert and have a great time on some wind dunes right away!

In Dubai, dune buggy tours play a vital role by providing visitors and locals with an exciting and unforgettable experience.

The Dune buggy tours definitely fit the bill; they’re just right for those who do not want to stay complacent in the realm of comfort and at the same time yearn for a distinct experience. These tours allow you to experience the excitement of off-roading on high speed off roads in the comfort of cozy indoor vehicles and see the place through your own eyes.

Our tour will start earlier in the day with us fetching you from your hotel or alternatively a designated point and then we will move off to the starting point deep inside Dubai desert. At the meeting point, you will be introduced by the guide who will give safety instructions about how to ride a track before the ride begins. No need to be concerned if this is your debut at driving a dune buggy. They can be handled easily as long as you are ready to enjoy the experience. Your guide will be of utmost help to make you feel comfortable.

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The adventures of dune buggies in Dubai make one merit deserting as well as bring back unique recollections for your loved ones. And to top it all off, this adventure is perfectly suited as your next item on your bucket list for that Dubai trip of yours.

Not really, although deep dive along the personality underlying the transport of dune buggy in Dubai can be done.

Locals of the Emirati for evertime have been attached to desert since it represents a huge part of their traditional lifestyle. The camels and horses were used for traveling since they were the only modes of transportations in the desert environment in that time, but eventually there were means of transportation such as cars and any other motorized vehicles available.

With Dune buggy tours, the touristventurers get a chance to interact with guides who speak about the past lives of their ancestors,which are characterized by the peacefulness and harmonized ways of living with nature. This comprises an ancient knowledge about the nature that is associated with the existence of particular plants or animals as a source of medicinal or food materials in the desert.

Other activities and attractions to include a jeep ride on top of the sand would also be granted.

Dubai is the destination and it certainly can offer the visitors the maximum diversity and attractiveness. However, dune buggy tours definitely do not disappoint people who enjoy the kind of thrills that a desert can offer. Additionally, you will discover that there are several other things that you can do in tandem with the tour for an all-round experience. Here are the other activities that can set your buggy tour in desert of Dubai apart.

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1. Camel Riding:

Feel the authentic Arabian culture in a way you can’t imagine by means of the camel riding in the desert prior or following your dune buggy tour. Through this old type of transport which marked the way people have navigated such a desert for ages you will experience how it feels to stay in the footprints of history. You weil just as well pass a Bedouin tent by the way and they will welcome you warmly to participate in their daily life and enjoy some refreshments too.

2. Sandboarding:

For all the adventure enthusiasts, sandboarding is an unparalleled pursuit for them while in Dubai has been known globally as a desert hangout. Similar to the Snow sports, this sport includes gliding on the sand dune on a board. It is just the ideal partner for the dune buggy excursion, because the combination of both speed and adventure occurs in the desertous countryside.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Experience a hot air balloon ride over the desert and see Dubai from new angles as you float in the sky. It offers a very calming feeling which involves taking in breathtaking views that span the whole of the spread of sand, while flying unperturbed through the skies. It’s a must-do pairing; you’ll either do them before or after your tour to get a comprehensive view of Dubai’s landscape from the heights.


Dune buggy excursion is the ultimate way to explore the watershed of the desert of Dubai in a way never tried before as it is adventurous. Besides, the great experience it provides, it also makes one to develop deeper relationship with the beauty and magnificence of this unique scenery.

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Making a choice to take a dune buggy dubai tours will allow you to provide the financial resources need to support the maintenance of conserving this distinct and vulnerable nature. Through mastering the practice of using ethical tour operators which adheres to responsible tourism standards, guests can conserve this distinctive ecosystem & also relish their thrilling adventure.

Dune buggy tour of Dubai, where unlimited adrenaline, weakness, and extreme entertainment are available, is not to be missed. The exciting part of the experience and fascinating views will leave you breathless as well as opening the cultural avenues for you, at the same time, you’ll stay devoted to sustainable tourism there. Therefore, you would definitely like to include this lifetime adventure in your next tour and experience the desert like never before.